Believing in Believing

A few days ago, I got my amalgams removed by a holistic dentist who told me in a very Irish accent that my spiritual beliefs would get me through heavy metal detox, healing my methylation issues and changing my epigenetic status. So this along with the impending end of the Mayan calendar and a need to make a plan around both the Santa issue and the real Christmas story lead to a lively talk with my husband about where our beliefs are as a family.

I was raised on a mixture of something close to Christian Science and pseudo New Ageism with a little Buddhism thrown in. In the past when I felt that I needed a name for it, I would incorrectly use the term gnostic. This is particularly funny in light of the fact that I married an agnostic. My husband is the son of a physicist, and I (mostly) love the way his mind works. He slightly prefers Buddha over Jesus, whereas I like them both just fine. Neither one of us tolerates dogma very well, but when it comes right down to it, I like having something to believe in. I don’t need much. I just like believing in believing.

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When the real work happens and when it doesn’t…

My husband isn’t usually an insensitive jerk (and let’s face it – there’d be no blog without him since I can barely my use my email without his help).
Unfortunately I almost always take myself way too seriously. Today he jokingly told me that I didn’t really do a full day of work. I can usually tell when he’s joking.


Well, it is true that I didn’t see any clients or teach any classes today. I got to play outside – a lot. My daughter didn’t have too many “meltdowns” so it wasn’t that hard parenting-wise. I didn’t even cook much.
But the presence that I had with her today took eons of work. Lifetimes really… At the very least it took 30 years – the hardest of which were the last 4 years of work I’ve done on myself as a mother.

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Unpackaging the Present

In the middle of dinner the other night, my four year old daughter spontaneously asked for a ballerina toy that made music. I knew right then and there that it was time to do two things:

Time to give her the ballerina music box that I had forgotten to give her for her birthday. And time to start this blog. There have been many times when I thought it was time to start this blog, but I’ll get to that later. For now, let’s just start with that music box…

Music Box

It was the first thing (among many) that I had gotten her for her birthday in August, but then I hid it up in a closet and completely forgot about it. When I came across it a few weeks later I decided it would make a great Christmas present and just left it there.

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